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Planning Packages

The Big Day ay

       The Big Day package is for the DIY couple who need professional help to get through that stressful month prior and the day of the wedding.

This includes:


  • Planning meeting 3-4 weeks prior

  •  A wedding day timeline

  • Finalized details of the ceremony and reception

  • A "Little Details" checklist 

  • Contacting vendors to confirm time and location 

  • Overseeing all vendors the day of the wedding

  • Table and decor set-up

  • 1-hour rehearsal

  • Up to 12 hours of my availability on your big day 

  • Assist DJ in cueing of important events

  • The ceremony coordination

Assistance Please

      The  Assistance Please package is for the couple who need a little help throughout their whole engagement. This package is designed to give you customized guidance for your perfect wedding day.

This includes:


  • 4 planning sessions

  • A personalized Wedding Checklist

  • monthly email "check-ins" 

  • Event designing and styling 

  • Attendance to 4 vendor meetings of  your choice 

  • Unlimited phone calls or texts 

  • Decoration of ceremony and reception decor

  • Custom wedding day timeline 

  • Time management of all wedding party and family

  • Coordination of cards and gifts

  • Pick up of small items week of wedding

  • Handle little details checklist

  • Confirm all vendors week of wedding

  • Decor and Table set-up

  • 1-hour rehearsal 

  • Distribute extremely detailed itinerary to family and wedding party. 

  • Distribute final payment and gratuities as needed 

  • Assist DJ in cueing of important events

  • Unlimited time on your big day

  • Ceremony coordinator 








       The Stress-Free package is for the couple who want their whole engagement to be as stress-free as it gets. From day one to the day you walk down the aisle, this package will allow you to not have a worry in the world. 

This includes:


  • Unlimited phone and text

  • Unlimited planning sessions

  • Monthly check-in meetings 

  • Event design and styling

  • Develop and maintain budget 

  • Attend all vendor meetings

  • Custom wedding ceremony

  • Personal wedding day timeline

  • Time management of all wedding party and family

  • Assist in arrangement of all transportation needed

  • Coordination of cards and gifts day of 

  • Handle little detail checklist 

  • Main contact for all vendors

  • Confirm all vendors location and time

  • Decor and table set-up

  • 1-hour rehearsal

  • Create and Distribute extremely detailed itinerary to family and wedding party

  • Create detailed photo list for photographer

  • Distribute final payment and gratuities as needed

  • Assist DJ in cuing of important events

  • Unlimited time on your big day

  • Ceremony coordinator

  • Collect wedding day items

  • Oversee take down 


Prices Range $1,500-$4,500



          Our experience with Malyn was spectacular! Malyn and her staff made our wedding an overwhelming success. We were planning the wedding while I was studying in England, my fiance was in Texas, and the wedding was in Oklahoma, so - needless to say - Malyn's help was invaluable. Genuinely, without her vision, experience, connections, and organization our wedding would not have been the magical, stress-free day that it was.

          We could not recommend Malyn more highly. We know that 
Malyn will truly care about your needs, take ownership of the work that needs to be completed, and ensure to focus on tasks to reduce your stress. She is very hands-on and will kindly walk you through the process of planning the wedding and making, keeping us on schedule, handing us food and drinks before we even asked, and ensuring we were having a stress free time! We could not be more pleased with our experience in working with of but took charge of the small details and things that we didn't feel we had time for. She is very good at remaining within a budget and had a lot of suggestions for places where we could save money while still getting the end result we desired. She has a great knowledge of vendors in the Tulsa area and websites that provide customized products at a great price. She went above and beyond, letting us ship Amazon items for the wedding to her house, meeting us despite our crazy schedules, and calming us down when we were frantic. On top of this, some of the most meaningful work she did was take care of us on the day text, it a special, personal reflection of you as a couple. With big decisions, she was in touch with us both via Malyn Made Weddings.
Malyn did an amazing job at a very reasonable price. We would highly recommend to every couple. Hiring Malyn was genuinely one of the greatest investments that we made for our wedding. Thank you, Malyn for your hard work and for making our wedding a day we will cherish forever.

Jacquelyn and Michael -Bride and Groo

Malyn made my wedding day a beautiful experience! I wasn't sure how to go about planning anything for my wedding. She was very helpful in explaining how things go so I understood what was going to happen the day of. She always made me feel comfortable and helped me learn a few things in the process. Everything was perfect and I am so grateful for everything she did for me! When I wanted purple decor, she made sure I had purple decor! Even if it meant making some changes by hand. Little things are very important to me, and she went above and beyond to give me everything I wanted. I definitely recommend Malyn for wedding planning.  

Cheyenne Hilton-Bride 

Malyn is a visionary when it comes to weddings. She is extremely creative and can take your Pintrest board and create a wedding for you within your budget. She made amazingly beautiful wood center pieces and Mason Jar decorations for my wedding and fit them into my budget. Malyn can work with you when you have little to no real idea of what you want and she can work with you when you know exact details of what you want. She really made my wedding beautiful and I would trust her to do it again.   

Sierra Lennon Exum- Bride

Between not being much of a planner and wanting to give more time to my job, I knew I needed a wedding planner who could run with it all. After looking into several different planner options, Malyn's Stress-Free Package sounded promising, but what sealed the deal was her laid-back personality and ability to capture what I envisioned to be the perfect wedding. She kept me on budget and worked out the kinks (sure to happen in every wedding planning process) flawlessly. If I had to do another wedding, I'd change many things, but the one thing I wouldn't change is Malyn. You won't regret choosing her either!

Rebecca Glassgow- Bride

      My wedding was definitely a DIY wedding and Malyn was incredible with helping me stay organized. She called venues for me, set up the appointments, and made sure I knew what all my options were. Staying on a budget was important for me and Malyn made sure we were within the budget while still creating my dream wedding. I have a hard time nailing down decisions, and she was great at narrowing down my options and helping me figure out what I like. From finding the venue to giving me deadlines on when things needed to be done, Malyn helped me stay on task throughout the whole process. I highly recommend you have her plan your big day. She will be as involved as you want her to be. Whether you want to do it all yourself and just have some suggestions along the way, or if you want to her to do it all~Malyn will make sure your dream comes true. I love her and appreciate her help so much! 

Malyn is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. She did day-of coordination for my wedding and she was worth every single penny. I wavered on whether to hire a coordinator because I was on a very strict budget but, after all was said and done, she was probably the best thing I spent money on at my wedding. She is so organized and made sure that my vendors knew where to be and when. She took care of things at the wedding that I didn't even know were happening and dealt with them professionally and quickly. She even decorated for my reception and it was beautiful! There is not one thing that I can think of that I wish she'd done that she didn't do. Other people noticed her great service, as well as many family members and members of the wedding party, mentioned how awesome of a job she did. I can't ever thank her enough for making my day so perfect!

Macrae Dowd- Bride

I couldn't have made it through my big day without Malyn! We opted for the month of the package and it was a great fit for us. She helped coordinate vendors and finalize arrivals and all the little details you might forget. She was so helpful with the rehearsal, we would have been lost without her. The day of went so smoothly and I didn't worry about a single thing because I trusted Malyn completely. Everything was perfect and if anything did go wrong I didn't know about it. Malyn is so sweet and so easy to work with, I would recommend her to anyone that is need of a helping and experienced hand.

Sadie Harp - Bride

Kimberly B. -Bride


Floral Design

We believe that every bride has a unique style. Your florals embody who you are and set the atmosphere of the event. Whether you are tradition and like clean lines or free-spirited and whimsical; we can accommodate you. 

Our pricing is personalized for each couple. You can go all out and make a statement or keeps things minimalist. We would love to sit down over a cup of coffee and hear your vision for your event, allowing us to maximize your floral budget. We can't wait to meet you!


Meet Malyn

              People have asked me what I love most about being a wedding planner. Of course, I love the flowers, the smiles, and the lace. But I am absolutely in love with love.

       Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. I have dedicated my life to serving others, and I know that I can give you a stress-free engagement while planning your perfect wedding.

              I must confess to an addiction to quality coffee, crafting and baking. Fortunately, those addictions have proven to be very useful in my line of work.

 I am so excited to work with you in this wonderful, next chapter of your life.



Malyn's Qualifications:

Certified: Wedding Planner and Consultant

Floral Designer from London Floral School





Serving couples all over Oklahoma or your dream destination! 





Now at last they were

beginning Chapter One of the Great Story

no one on earth has ever read, which goes on forever:

in which every chapter is better 

than the one before.

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