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Party Time Kits

Event Florals

Floral Subscription

Planning Packages

The Big Day 

       The Big Day package is for the DIY couple who need professional help to get through that stressful month prior and the day of the wedding.

This includes:


  • Planning meeting 3-4 weeks prior

  •  A wedding day timeline

  • Finalized details of the ceremony and reception

  • A "Little Details" checklist 

  • Contacting vendors to confirm time and location 

  • Overseeing all vendors the day of the wedding

  • Table and decor set-up

  • 1-hour rehearsal

  • Up to 12 hours of my availability on your big day 

  • Assist DJ in cueing of important events

  • The ceremony coordination

Assistance Please

      The  Assistance Please package is for the couple who need a little help throughout their whole engagement. This package is designed to give you customized guidance for your perfect wedding day.

This includes:


  • 4 planning sessions

  • A personalized Wedding Checklist

  • monthly email "check-ins" 

  • Event designing and styling 

  • Attendance to 4 vendor meetings of  your choice 

  • Unlimited phone calls or texts 

  • Decoration of ceremony and reception decor

  • Custom wedding day timeline 

  • Time management of all wedding party and family

  • Coordination of cards and gifts

  • Pick up of small items week of wedding

  • Handle little details checklist

  • Confirm all vendors week of wedding

  • Decor and Table set-up

  • 1-hour rehearsal 

  • Distribute extremely detailed itinerary to family and wedding party. 

  • Distribute final payment and gratuities as needed 

  • Assist DJ in cueing of important events

  • Unlimited time on your big day

  • Ceremony coordinator 







       The Stress-Free package is for the couple who want their whole engagement to be as stress-free as it gets. From day one to the day you walk down the aisle, this package will allow you to not have a worry in the world. 

This includes:


  • Unlimited phone and text

  • Unlimited planning sessions

  • Monthly check-in meetings 

  • Event design and styling

  • Develop and maintain budget 

  • Attend all vendor meetings

  • Custom wedding ceremony

  • Personal wedding day timeline

  • Time management of all wedding party and family

  • Assist in arrangement of all transportation needed

  • Coordination of cards and gifts day of 

  • Handle little detail checklist 

  • Main contact for all vendors

  • Confirm all vendors location and time

  • Decor and table set-up

  • 1-hour rehearsal

  • Create and Distribute extremely detailed itinerary to family and wedding party

  • Create detailed photo list for photographer

  • Distribute final payment and gratuities as needed

  • Assist DJ in cuing of important events

  • Unlimited time on your big day

  • Ceremony coordinator

  • Collect wedding day items

  • Oversee take down 

Prices Range $1,800-$5,500



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Floral Design

We believe that every bride has a unique style. Your florals embody who you are and set the atmosphere of the event. Whether you are tradition and like clean lines or free-spirited and whimsical; we can accommodate you. 

Our pricing is personalized for each couple. You can go all out and make a statement or keeps things minimalist. We would love to sit down over a cup of coffee and hear your vision for your event, allowing us to maximize your floral budget. We can't wait to meet you!


Sheay and Malyn





Serving couples all over Oklahoma or your dream destination! 





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